• La Real Licorería
    A unique and original concept! In this project were included new professional MX audio amplifiers, a PR-50 power rack distributor to protect the equipment as well as BKL PJ-18SA Plus active subwoofers which uses class D amplified modules SW-1200. This amplification system creates a particular and versatile atmosphere as this place ranges with various music genres where party and fun are the common denominator.
  • Los Charros de Jalisco Baseball Stadium
    Professional baseball is back in Jalisco, which is great news for the Mexican Pacific League and baseball enthusiasts. For this enormous project dozens of our MX series amplifiers, PR-100 power racks distributors and BPD-1 audio processors were installed. After a series of evaluations and tests, the amplification system was approved as ideal to operate with loudspeakers of a world level brand which probes the great quality of our products. This will allow us to become the voice to this new baseball home.
  • Grand Mayan
    A world class resort designed to enjoy the pleasures of life. To fulfill their guests’ expectations, many atmospheres of joy, relaxation and fun have been created in this hotel development. Here is precisely where we help emphasize these emotions. In this particular project our MX amplifier series and our BPD-1 audio processors were installed to play all the different music genres which transport us to the desired peace and harmony state.
  • LOB clothing retailer
    LOB World Clothing, better known as LOB, is a fashion retailer chain store with more than 70 stores in 31 cities in Mexico and is stablished as one of the most prominent fashion enterprises in the country. In the design layout of their different stores are installed our CD series amplifiers, D-2000 amplifiers and BPD-0 audio processors to create the chic ambiance that invites its customers and highlights the quality of their clothing and fashion accessories.
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